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Attaining your goals and planning for your future can seem overwhelming. At First National Advisors, we have had the privilege of helping business owners, healthcare professionals, and affluent families attain their goals for over four decades.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to client service, delivering highly complex and sophisticated planning services in a personable, straightforward manner.

We have enjoyed many multigenerational relationships and seek to serve our clients for decades. Some of the services we provide include:

Comprehensive Wealth Management

With a focus on building, preserving, and protecting wealth, we work with clients in all stages of life, whether they are starting out on their investment journey, in the midst of their career, or are approaching or living in retirement. We guide our clients to investments that are right for them and view their financial picture holistically.

Institutional Retirement Plan Consulting

In today's world of increasingly complex regulations and ever-expanding investment possibilities, it’s challenging for small business owners to meet their fiduciary responsibilities as a retirement plan sponsor. Now, more than ever, it’s important to choose a partner with the experience and independence to help you navigate these complexities.

Dynamic Portfolio Strategies

Chapoquoit Dynamic Portfolio Strategy are separately managed accounts employing a tactical and purely quantitative investment allocation strategy using a universe of equity, fixed income, and commodity Exchange Traded Funds. The allocations to these ETFs are driven by a number of important market and macroeconomic factors identified by our top down research process.