Preparing For The Rising Cost of College

Preparing For The Rising Cost of College

| July 12, 2017

The rising cost of college has been well documented in the last few years. With wages only rising incrementally, the amount of student debt that a graduate walks out with can feel insurmountable. Thus, it can feel like running on a treadmill that only gets faster when trying to save for your children's college education.

The following presentation is meant for anyone with children who intend to go to college. Whether your child was just born or they are starting to apply, I think this will be helpful. Even if you do not intend to save a dime toward their education or are simply unable, there are many steps and strategies you can implement to help reduce their burden. For those that have the means to save, there are some very specific tips in the webinar to get you started while saving on your tax bill.

The webinar is about 20 minutes long, but here is a snapshot of the topics I cover:

0:00 Intro to FNC and Disclaimer

1:15 Overview

1:58 Benefits of College

3:15 Cost of College and Sources of Payment

6:20 Scholarships, Financial Aid

9:46 The Advantage of Saving Early

11:53 Investment Options

12:41 529 College Savings Plans

16:25 Reducing the Cost of College

18:10 Kiplinger's "Best College Values"

19:56 Conclusion

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