Webinar- Health Savings Accounts: The New and Improved 401(k) Plan

Webinar- Health Savings Accounts: The New and Improved 401(k) Plan

| February 20, 2020

On Friday, February 21st at 12pm, Alex Oliver will be hosting a webinar to discuss Health Savings Accounts. While you may be familiar with these accounts as a way to pay for out of pocket medical expenses, First National Corporation has been strongly advocating the use of these accounts for tax mitigation and retirement planning. 

Tune in to see if this strategy would be appropriate for you. Even if you cannot make the 12pm timeframe, feel free to register and a YouTube recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours. 

We have partnered with Schwartz & Schwartz accountants in Woburn, MA to put on these webinars.Click here to register.

Did you miss our webinar from January entitled "Stock Markets in 2020: What to Expect"?Click here for YouTube videos of this and all past webinars from FNC.

We also have two more webinars scheduled this spring:

1) SIMPLE IRA'S, 401(k)'s, Profit Sharing Plans and Cash Balance Plans: How Do I Choose?

Wednesday, March 25 from 12 noon - 1pm

This webinar is catered to small business owners that are developing their retirement benefits.

2) How to FIRE Part 2: Distribution Strategies for an Early Retiree

Friday, April 24 from 12 noon - 1pm

FIRE stands for "Financially Independent, Retire Early." This webinar is a follow up to our fall webinar- now that you have accumulated the necessary assets, how do you ensure that they last for 40-50 years of retirement?

To register for these events and receive the YouTube recordings shortly thereafter, click here to visit the registration page.

We hope to see you soon!