The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Wealthy Dentist

Winning at the Game of Loans

Winning at the Game of Loans

Dental specialists typically start their careers with six or even seven figures of debt. We help you navigate the student loan government payment programs (IBR, PAYE and RePAYE) along with refinancing options, while balancing practice loans, building mortgages, and home mortgages to kick off your financial plan.

Tax and Investment Strategies

Tax and Investment Strategies

With six figure incomes, dentists get hit particularly hard by Uncle Sam. We work to understand your situation and employ the proper balance of wealth maximization with financial freedom. With a niche focus in SIMPLE IRA's, 401(k) profit sharing plans, and cash balance plans, tax avoidance is our mantra while investment management is our expertise.

Protect Your Family

Protect Your Family

If you are the primary breadwinner, keeping your family protected is critical. Disability insurance needs to cover not simply just the loss in your income, but also provide funding for your employees while you are away. Term life insurance, long term care insurance, and proper estate planning are all necessary. We help in all of these areas to bring your family peace of mind.

While there are many books on personal finance out there, few are focused on the dental industry. Dentists have very unique circumstances as compared to average Americans. Their sizeable debt burdens, extraordinary earning potential, and practice management situations make a personal, comprehensive financial plan mandatory.

As you evaluate who should help you manage your wealth, we wanted to write The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Wealthy Dentist to help you understand what First National Advisors specializes in. The book is thorough, but brief, in that you can skip to the chapters most relevant to you today or you can read the entire book in a weekend. A quick read should provide you with a base of financial knowledge that you can refer back to at any time.

Check out our table of contents to see what may be relevant for you:



The Foundation


Chapter 1: Building the Wealth Pyramid

Chapter 2: Laying the Foundation with Budgeting and Saving

Chapter 3: Disability Insurance

Chapter 4: Term Life Insurance

Chapter 5: Estate Planning

Chapter 6: Student Loans

Chapter 7: Roth IRAs for Residents and Associates

Chapter 8: Buying Your First Home versus Renting


Accelerated Wealth Accumulation


Chapter 9: Starting or Buying a Practice

Chapter 10: Choosing the Right Retirement Plan for Each Stage of Your Practice

Chapter 11: Investments

Chapter 12: Planning for Your Children’s College Expenses

Chapter 13: Pre-Retirement Planning


The Finish Line


Chapter 14: Selling Your Practice at its Peak

Chapter 15: Investment and Tax Strategies for Retirement Withdrawals

Chapter 16: Leaving a Legacy

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