The Importance of a Fiduciary

Our approach as a fiduciary is to assist you in adopting industry Best Practices and reduce your administrative responsibilities, while maintaining the flexibility of customized plan features and plan design.

Along with mitigating your fiduciary liabilities, we implement a process designed to increase the quality of your investment choices, lower plan fees, and improve plan administration and service. We work to proactively educate you and your employees on issues that impact the security and success of your retirement plan.

Acting independently of the record-keeper or administrator you choose for the plan, we can provide information on which features to include to make your plan competitive and attractive to current and future employees. We educate your employees on their investment options and plan features, provide fee benchmarking and quarterly investment reporting, and conduct a comprehensive annual plan review to help you monitor the plan’s success.

Some benefits our clients experience include:

  • Higher enrollment
  • Improved financial education
  • Increased contributions
  • Increased retirement readiness
  • Improved plan operation
  • Meeting of your obligations
  • Improved plan investments
  • Reduced work
  • Lower liability
  • Lower plan cost

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you have a program that allows you to meet your fiduciary responsibilities and provides your employees the opportunity to have a successful retirement.

Taking the Next Step

First National Corporation provides plan sponsors with secure, online access to important plan information in our Fiduciary Vault Access (Link to ShareFile). If you are a current plan sponsor and do not have your login ID and password on hand, please contact us to obtain your account information.

We also have a capabilities presentation available for current and future clients. Contact Ken ( today to request our capabilities presentation and to find out how to benefit from our fiduciary advisory services.