Wealth Management System

Our Wealth Management System is a Personal Financial Website that will provide you with a consolidated view of your financial information. It allows you to aggregate all of your financial accounts including banking, credit card, insurance, and investment & retirement accounts held at other financial institutions—all updated in real time.

There are many features such as the Organizer, Budgeting, Reports, and the Vault which is an online safety deposit box to store digital copies of valuable personal documents.

Many of our clients also like using the Decision Center, where we can easily see what your current plan is trending toward (the blue bars), versus a set of life scenarios outlined on the left hand column. Our robust system will calculate the investment and tax consequences of retiring at a different age, saving more today, downsizing your home, selling your business, etc. so that you can have a complete financial plan to review each year. 

Learn more about our Wealth Management System by watching this linked introductory video.