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Investment Vision for 2021

Thursday, January 28th, 12 Noon - 1 PM

What does the climate look like for investing in 2021? After 2020’s rollercoaster, we all can use some advice on how to plan and navigate 2021. Join Alex Oliver, Wealth Manager at First National Corporation, as he discusses the outlook for investing in 2021. Alex will offer sound planning strategies for you to pursue so you can be confident.

The State of Socially Responsible Investment

Thursday, February 4th, 12 Noon - 1 PM

There has been an increasingly significant level of interest from investors that wish to invest in companies that they deem to be socially responsible. While definitions can vary, we typically categorize a socially responsible company as one that limits its impact on climate change, has both gender and ethnic diversity, avoids using child labor or substandard labor conditions, and fairly treats its employees and customers.

With interest rising, low-cost investments and thorough evaluation techniques have popped up to help an investor take a more active stance with their investments. Tune in to learn how you can appropriately utilize your nest egg to achieve your social goals while simultaneously achieving your financial goals.

Budgeting for Primary and Vacation Homes in a Balanced Financial Plan

Thursday, March 11th, 12 Noon - 1 PM 

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a red-hot suburban and rural real estate market, as city dwellers looked to flee pavement for outdoor privacy. With the work from home movement here to stay, many are evaluating whether to move their primary residence to a less expensive area. Coinciding with this were the vacation property purchasers who needed to deploy their unspent travel budgets.

In this webinar, we will take a look at how personal real estate can be used in your financial plan. While many may stay within their children’s school districts for the time being, there may be some ways to use their home equity as a retirement asset once their children go off to college. Others will need to evaluate just how much they might use a second property versus using AirBnb to flexibly travel. 

By seeing the long-term effects in this webinar, we hope to spark an active discussion within your family that will help to achieve your financial goals.

The First Million is the Hardest: How Envisioning the Long Term Helps You Today

Thursday, April 8th, 12 Noon - 1 PM

The beauty of compound interest lies in the math behind what a 6% rate of return earns you when your investments grow from $100,000 ($6,000) to $1 million ($60,000) to $5 million ($300,000). This is why it could take you 10-15 years to reach that first million, but thereafter, each subsequent million will take much less time: conceivably as low as 1-2 years.

By knowing this fact and making projections based on your current savings rate, you can more comfortably “live now” by knowing where you stand based on your age.

In this webinar, we look to explain how many of our 80+ year old clients ended up with more money than they ever needed, postulating whether they could have or should have retired or spent earlier if they could have seen their future financial plan.

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