First National Webinars

Webinars we offer:

How to FIRE Part 2: Distribution Strategies for Early Retirees

SIMPLE IRA's, 401(k), Profit Sharing Plans, Cash Balance Plans: How Do I Choose?

Navigating the Economics & Market Impact of Covid 19

Health Savings Accounts: The New and Improved 401k Plan

Stock Markets in 2020:What to Expect

How to FIRE: Strategies for Becoming Financially Independent and Retiring Early

Game of Loans: Income Based Repayment Options vs Refinancing

How Does Your 401(k) Stack Up

Generational Wealth Transfer: 10 Best Practices

Why Do Stocks Go Up & Down: A Stock Market Introduction

Economic and Investment Overview for 2019

Get What's Yours: Maximizing Social Security

2018 Year End Planning; Tax Law Changes and Financial Planning Steps You Can Take

The Home Stretch: Steps to Consider When Planning for Retirement

The Game of Loans: The Stark Truth About Student Loan Refinancing

Estate Planning: Intro to the Essentials

Preparing for the Rising Cost of College

The Quick & Dirty Personal Financial Checkup